Ly Montells Art

Ly Montells Art
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35 years as a television producer, writer and director traveling the world and trying to see it objectively thru a "lens", ​has offered me a cultural human experience I’d dreamed of from my early childhood in Spain.

Now the need to share the idiosyncrasies of each and everyone of these cultures, capturing the similarities and common threads between all of us as “one people, living on one planet”, has led me to try, in my own way, to re-interpret those ancestral cultural icons, and bring them back to be a part of our modern “civilized” world.

I bring together the elements of our earliest memories that linger with us so distinctively - papers, woods, leathers, beads, metals, cloths, strings, plasters and paints, building with them 3 dimensional art pieces to create new modern representations of indigenous, native and primitive art. The ultimate aim is the fusion of artistic icons that transcend not only geography and cultures, but time!

New Products

Artwalls, I am taking my 3D artwork and creating full 4' x 8' and 8'x'8 decorative 3D artistic walls.

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