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Off Leash Dog Training Enterprises, Inc.

15101-D John J. Delaney Drive, Suite 316
Charlotte NC
Booth: 1411

Company Description:

Off Leash Dog Training is group of dog-loving professionals who train your pets to adapt to your unique lifestyle. Whether it’s hiking, boating or brewery hopping, our Train As You Live® philosophy gives families the freedom to bring their dogs along for their favorite adventures. After training is complete, your canine companion will calmly coexist with strangers and other dogs in public settings, exhibit obedient behavior in your own household and share a lasting bond with you, their loving owner.

Once you’re part of our pack, you’re always part of our pack. Not only do we train and care for your dogs like we do our own, we treat you like family forever. After training is complete, Off Leash families and dogs can enjoy exclusive events throughout the Charlotte area including group trainings in favorite local parks and social events at dog-friendly venues.

Here at Off Leash Dog Training, we love your dogs like family.


Five Year Exhibitor